A solo release from T.O.P., a member from one of my favorite K-pop bands, Big Bang.

Very modern, I am digging the new look. Can’t t.o.p. this  ❤



A hectic week awaits me next week, but the delight of a break when it is finished, still keeps me going. ;D

Actually, it isn’t all that bad; Monday, Chemistry Final, Tuesday, Spanish Final (must endure :S), Wednesday, Algebra and English Final. Wednesday Afternoon, freedom and outing with my mates, Thurday, more freedom and paintball (!!!), and Friday, last day of school and a little more freedom yet to come. But let’s get back to the grounds of this particular blog post: a reflection. So……

How long has past since I first created my wordpress account and typed up my first blog post?

And how long has it been since I enrolled at KIS and first entered the doors to Ms. P’s enlightening

English class?

Honestly, the details have passed me, but undoubtedly, this particular school-year has been one of the most memorable,diverting and productive, in my long experience as a student. So, most of you might ask, what was so different about this year?

I can’t help but remind you again, I have ample experience in English classes taught at different places around the world, and the approaches we had took in English 10 B, was indeed, unique and quite exceptional.

Recalling back to one of our very first assignments, the MGP aka the Multi Genre Project, had been one of my favorites, as the directions to be taken was immeasurably broad, and I had absolute control over the subject of my research, and most of how the information would be expressed. In my former English classes elsewhere, I was exposed to very little freedom in which sections we were to cover, and not a great amount of technology was available to make such liberty possible. So once for a change, I took delight in completing this project and was very greatful. I was able to submerge in such a variety of genres such as creating a fictional diary and remarkable animations.

Also we went on to explore six different novels (and novella) throughout the course of the year, some archaic, others from the pre-modern era. Actually, let me list them out:

1) Beowulf, the story of an overly-self confident hero or a lone wolf as his name suggests.

2) Grendel, a better novel quite yet, and actually humorous at some parts of the storyline.

3) Macbeth, the tradegy of an ambitious, yet all the same, fragile man Macbeth.

4) Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, a haunting novella of two men in one, literally.

5) Dracula, the bible of vampirism.

6) And last not but least, Brave New World, a twisted interpretation of a utopia (or more a dystopia), something different all together.

 Yes, some were less intriguing than others, but all were undeniably written by an interesting set of authors. My favorite though, of all however, was Brave New World, the most recent of the six our class explored.

I had read the novel before, 2 years ago, without fully enjoying or understanding the intentions of Huxley or the controversial issues most of his ideas were suggesting. But despite the dystopia, the World State was portrayed into the final chapters of the novel, through class projects such as Discussion Leaders, allowed me to almost fully appreciate its themes and objectives.

Discussion Leader, was a task that required constand group work with the members allocated by Ms.P, a skill I had not been used to in my previous English classes. However, through the course of two Discussion Leaders, I was very content with myself for putting the group over myself, and not so much be in the spotlight, as I would most normally do in other classes.

I should end right here, and will, but first, I would like to again say English 10 B was legendary! I had never seen such enthusiatic class with everyone so involved and welcoming. Ms. P, too didn’t struggle in managing the passionate, yet wild set of students and showed us a pathway to a profienciency in the English language. (-_<)

I feel I have matured body and mind throughout the school-year, for which I am most grateful to my English class. XD

I will hopefully return with a better set of news to bring back, along with other spectacular reflections for my other set of classes. And until then, CHAO~

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I had never thought of which part of learning I actually liked, but if I think hard, hopefully I can list a couple…

You know, there are oftentimes (quite rarely actually) when you encounter people who claim their eternal love to learnng. But also the same few people, are the ones who whine with thr news of new projects and exams. So be careful when you say you really love learning….because the chances are, you don’t. Right, let’s get onto business.

As a child, I was a relatively shy kid, socially active but in the classroom, it was a different story. I had an ultimate fear of going up and presenting, as well as twenty other kids in the class. But then again, people change over the years, and I began to overcome the fear of oral presentations, starting from when I entered the speech and debate club.

I began to enjoy what other people felt about my perspectives and how their eyes would be locked on me during a presentation. Disscussion Leader in  English class was such an example. And in leading the whole class in a lesson of my own, great confidence and organization was necessary.

This is really what I like about learning, a human’s capacity to learn is boundless, and I can always work to improve myself. ❤




The end really is high up.

When I first asked myself this question, not many things came to mind, although I am not a perfect being. Then, an obvious answer flowed into my arena of thoughts: my tendency to procrastinate.

I have always attempted to further myself from procrstination, but most of the time when projects are issued to me, I work at my greatest efficiency, very close on the line of the due date. Come to think of it, maybe I enjoy the intellectual thrill my mind feels when I have to long pages of research papers in a comparably teeny period of time, I challenge myself to spur on my supernatural intellectual abilities…

But as I reach higher up in the grades, work seems to become harder and greater…  So one of my new year resolutions is…. NO PROCRASTINATION!

……..hopefully =)



Rumor is a fuel to fire.

Grasping anything,

It burns them to ash,

Twisting and distorting truth.

It lashes out with its blood red illusions,

Breathes with black deceit,

Relishing on its victims,

swelling from their fears.

But…. when there is nothing at its path,

Nothing else to burn,

It falters,

No longer breathes.

It spread with might yet

Fades away so wistfully….


This is a poem I had once written in school, expressing my stance on rumour that was so easy to come across in our current society. In media, in schools, in families…. some utterly scandalous, and others merely petty. Honestly, what is the point of most rumours?

Throughout my school years, although I have never been subjected to a rumour, I have sure heard those of others. One’s state of romance, his mental insecurity, or even her family’s grandiose vacation house.

Rumours typically function three primary purposes:

1) subconscious satisfaction that another is tangled in some knotty drama.

or alternately

2) a part of social life, something mainstream that most peers appear to be  involved in.

or lastly,

3) You are the subject of such a rumour and true or not, you are immeasurably hurt or if not, just COOL in nature.

Its your choice to make, but…. you know a rumour might one day turn its back on you. =)

♥A gift from my brother, I got this pair of headphones early April, after he broke my old pair. 😉 (he sat on it :P)
I already love it so much, I am worried about wearing it out…        on its two faces, a British flag is inscribed;
it is very unique and smart. The metallic ring that goes around my head is very thin yet sturdy, convinient to
store when not in use and to wear when it is. The sound quality is very high, and its bass is especially outstanding when synchronized with the melody itself.

♥Very trendy, efficient, and practical, and highly recommended. 😀
Peace V♥

(nexx-xtreme sound)

Because I had talked about Dracula and Vampires in my previous post, I thought about revealing my own little list of attractive male vampires most of you might be familiar with. 😉

1. Louis de Pointe du Lac in Interview with the Vampire (1994)

Brad Pitt – A stunning actor, that even age can’t overcome.







2. Lestat de Lioncourt in Interview with the Vampire (1994)

Tom Cruise – Back then, he was a real thing for sure, now… no comment. 😛








3. Armand in Interview with a Vampire (1994)Antonio Banderas – His lush accent helps him on in this role, and I don’t think I mind him a vampire or Zorro.






4. Blade in Blade 1,2 & 3

Wesley Snipes- great, masculine performance by Snipes as a vampire and vampire hunter.











5.  Stefan in The Vampire Diaries

Paul Wesley –                                        

Another conflicted vampire who is good to the core. And attractive enough to lure all the girls in his new town.






6. Damon Salvatore in The Vampire Diaires

Ian Somerhalder – The bad guy who is out for blood. But we all know girls are drawn to trouble.

 doesn’t look so mean here…











7. Emmett Cullen in Twilight

Kellan Lutz – The big brother in the Cullen family. I wish I had a big bro like him 🙂



_____________________________________________8. Jasper Hale in Twilight

Jackson Rathbone – His mysterious air and angelic face lets us forget he is a vampire…














9. Carlisle Cullen in Twilight

Peter Facinelli – The married Dr. Cullen, shakes the hearts of women of all ages in Forks.




10. James in Twilight

Cam Gigandet – Mean, blood-thirsting James is not so mean in real-life:P


11-20 Coming Soon